A funfair heritage second to none, a history to be proud of

Proud History

Keith Turner and Sons are a well established family business and our market is the family at leisure, a market in which we, as a family, have excelled for well over 200 years.

The Turner family were the Operators and Managers of the fairground at Seaburn on the North East coast. Keith Turners father, Walker Turner, was responsible for the building of the big dipper at Seaburn, which opened in 1955, and was renowned for his skills in this field. He was also involved in the building of the big dipper at the International Fair in Brussels, Belgium in 1958.

During our long history we have developed our business and remained in the forefront of the industry, constantly updating our expertise and equipment to satisfy the demands of our patrons for bigger and better rides, thrills and attractions.

We have an enviable family history of managing major fairground attractions from the smallest to the largest; our history, as fairground operators, goes back 9 generations to the 18th century, and is still being researched.

Keith Turner is extremely proud of his North East roots and especially of his links to the City of Sunderland, having been raised and educated here.

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